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Our Approach

We have developed ½ day, full day, or multiple day workshops to help companies facilitate productive offsite meetings around new products and services, new user experience, operational planning, system development, new organization structure and impact, etc. These workshops are a perfect format for offsite meetings that elicit participants' goals and motivation


Draw Innovation is the intersection of 80 years of business management consulting, marketing management, facilitation of innovation work methodologies, and visualization.

We have developed a coalition with several companies to create something unique - a marketing and sales consulting services company + a professional graphic facilitator/recorder + marketing execution/production shop =!

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We are expanding our offices in London Summer of 2022



Business Consultants

Our consultants are skilled at strategic planning and visioning process, value proposition creation and market development and analysis – including business and technology infrastructure, emerging technology and applications. They have a strong business and financial acumen, developing financial plans and performance drivers for their clients – including multi-unit P&L analysis and expense control, turnaround, change management, new market & expansion development. The partners pride themselves on a keen ability to drive results, business development, lead teams and achieve business goals

Visual Scribe

Like the Egyptian scribes, a scribe uses icons, typography and keen listening skills to distill your words and ideas into a graphic recording of your conversation. Consider it a way more innovative way to share with others post conversation. See scribing work.

What is a scribe?
Scribe (my definition, at any rate): English, verb.
1. One who illustrates content of a presentation, panel discussion, brainstorming session, meeting, conversation or simply two people engaged in discussion to create a visual artifact to be shared to engage people to discuss, review and evolve the discussion during and after the event. See visual definition.

Financial Forecasting

Because in business all good ideas must be based in reality, we provide financial forecasting - a fiscal management assessment that presents estimated information based on past, current, and projected financial conditions. This will help our clients identify future revenue and expenditure trends that may have an immediate or long-term influence on all strategic goals.


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Innovation Consultants

Tel: 847-701-4249

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